Wind Energy to Electrical Energy to Provide Clean Energy

Converting wind energy to electrical energy is not a new technology for these days but this technology is very useful to produce energy that we need. Wind energy is used in many countries including United States and South Korea. Related to green energy issue, wind energy becomes one of popular idea which develops by many scientists around the world to provide clean and economical energy.

How Wind Energy’s Generated

Basically changing form of wind energy to electrical energy will need a generator act.  The power that produced by wind needs wind generator to get the kinetic energy of the wind. This creative idea is popular around the world as an alternative to get large scale of energy source. But sadly, wind energy only provides less than 1% of global energy consumption.

The process of getting the wind energy starts from wind turbines turn in the moving air to power electric generator. The generators will supplies electric current. Wind will turn the blade of big turbine and makes electricity. This is educational technology research and development info for you.

Types of Wind Turbines

There are two basic groups of turbine types. There are horizontal-axis and vertical-axis designs. The horizontal axis type looks like farm windmills which always used for pump water. The popular type: vertical-axis has form like egg-beater.

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