What Are Composite Materials And The Function?

Are you looking information about what are composite materials? If the answer is yes you have come to the right article. Composite materials always connected to construction things. It is because composite materials are engineering materials which contains two or more constituent materials that very different physical property.

Sample of Composite Materials

Usually people who are new in construction and engineering field asking about what are composite materials. Well, to make it easy, we can use carbon-fiber composites as a sample. The composites are made from carbon fibers which are impregnated with hardened resin. Carbon fiber composites are strong and very stiff but also brittle. As the opposite, epoxy resin is soft but it’s not brittle and can flex.

So, if the composites combined, you will get strength and stiffness composite from carbon fiber and flexibility from epoxy resin. If you asking about what are composite materials usage in educational technology research and development class, the answer is clear. Constructor need to get different strength and ability from different materials.

It is because every material has its own weakness and strength. So, the combination is needed to provide better materials for durable quality building. What are composite materials is a natural question that asked from people who have no idea about construction materials. But actually people have been creating composite materials from many years ago to build great building.

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