Videophone- How To Use Videophone Technology And The Pros & Cons

Videophone- Using Videophone Technology and also the

Pros & Cons.

In the following paragraphs we will demonstrate a 3 uses of a

videophone and also the two kinds of videophone communications. As well as the

Benefits and drawbacks of every.

The videophone may be the next large technology change from analog to digital phone

service. A different way of interacting is grow fast making scalping strategies economical, reliable, and easy to use. Individuals are rapidly learning that videophone communication comes two a detailed second to being there personally.

A videophone services are a cost-effective means to fix communicate condition to condition, or around the globe. Videophone use is comparable to calling a normal phone however with video and conferencing functions. Utilizing a videophone you are able to literally see and listen to anybody in the world which has a videophone.

3 ways of videophone technologies are used.

“In person- interacting with individuals in one place to

another. More for residential use but can be used as business.

” Interactive Video- interacting with individuals in multiple

locations. Business and residential use.

” Audible only- could be use to individuals with regular telephone service

Various kinds of video phone models

“Devoted videophone unit- Compact phones with video screens

supported with service. These models are portable.


1. Conference with individuals from different locations

2. Operates on a guaranteed devoted network

3. Capability to project image on the bigger screen

4. Capability to port existing telephone number to videophone

5. No computer necessary

6. Simple to use- works just like a regular phone


1. With respect to the service quality, the recording area of the call may very in quality.

2. Should have high-speed internet

3. For body else to help you they have to possess a videophone

“Desktop videophone unit- Computer systems can function like a videophone.

Download software and give a microphone, camcorder and

some loudspeakers.


1. You don’t need to travel lengthy distances to be able to see person

2. Conference with individuals from different locations

3. Make use of your desktop

4. Calls have the freedom from computer to computer

5. Downloadable free software application

6. No contract- payg


1. Cumbersome

2. Both sides need active computer systems

3. Time intensive to create a call

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