Various Types of New Technology in Computer Science

In this modern world many of us are highly depended on the electronic especially by the computer technology. This is due to the fact that there are advance technologies have been developed in the computer sciences that makes computer has become the most important device that supports our daily activities or business. The current computer technologies don’t always resulted from the previous computer technology only since some of them are barely discovered.

Integrated Internet and Computer Technology

There are several inventions and development on the new technology in computer science which include the Multi-Media Conferencing which is also known as the communication media that comes in various forms from the simple e-mails to the ftp, news group and many more. Besides a group of businessmen can also apply this technology to set the virtual business meeting so they don’t have to waste the time and money to communicate one another. WWW and internet are two important things in this modern world since both give us the chance to gain and share unlimited information from the virtual world. The animation program is also another new technology in computer science and this commonly used for creating better visualizations. The animation programs aren’t important in entertainment industries but also for trading, education and many other purposes.

Educational and Portable Computer Technology

Another new technology in computer science also includes the electronic books and digital library. Both are important especially for anyone who wants to have more convenient way to read and store very large amount of books easier. Plagiarism detection and automatic grading are also necessary for both the lecturer. This is because such detection can encourage the students to be honest and keep on studying at school or accomplishing their mission.  The ubiquitous computing is the most obvious new technology in computer science and we can find it out based on the physical appearances and size. The small ubiquitous computing can be found in Tab which is only as large as our palms, the medium size is known as Pad which is commonly comes at the same size as the notebook and the big one called Board which is about the same size as the white board.

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