Tunnel Assay

Tunnel assay is necessary for us since it can also be the as the source of reference to learn about the Tunel. Tunel basically comes from the term Terminal Deoxynucleotidyl Transferase dUTP nick end labeling. Tunel is known as the method to detect the fragmentation of the DNA using the terminal end label of nucleic acids.

The Basics of Tunnel Assay

The Tunel Assay needs the apoptotic signaling cascades for identifying and detecting the fragmentation of the DNA. The Tunel Assay is also highly depended on the DNA’s nick and it can be detected using the terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase or which is known as the TdT.

The Tdt or the Temrinal deoxynucleotidyl transferase is also known as the enzyme which is catalyzed during the presence of the dUTP which has been labeled as the marker. This may also because the cells have been labeled as the suffering damaged DNA.

Important Things about the Tunnel Assay

Although the Tunel assay is known as the most common method that widely used however the accuracy of this method remains doubted and debated by many experts. However corrections and revisions in new methods in order to create higher accuracy that leads to better results such as applying the modification of the haptens and fluorophores in the dUTP.


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