The Importance of Clonogenic Assay Protocol

The clonogenic assay protocol is established based on various factors and are divided into several method descriptions, recipe collections, step by step procedure overviews, supplies needed and many more. The research to find this protocol is highly required for the development of biomedical sciences.

Understanding the Clonogenic Assay Protocol

Clonogenic assay protocol is actually the technique in microbiology that studies the specific agents’ effectiveness on the proliferation and survival of the cells. This can also be mean that the clonogenic assay protocol has close relation to the efforts to know the capability of the cells to duplicate, multiply and to survive against the chemical or radiation interference.

The experiment to make the clonogenic assay protocol usually can be applied using three main steps which include using the treatment for sampling the cells then the cells are being plated on the tissue culture vessel and then let them grow. The next thing we can find that the colonies are being produced, stained, fixed and then calculated as well.

The Purpose of Clonogenic Assay Protocol

In most cases the clonogenic assay protocol and research is to find and to determine the most effective treatments for cancers therefore mostly the human tumors are commonly used as the experiments and to develop the protocols.

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