The Centrality of Economic Issues

There are many things to explain when people are talking about articles on economic issues. In this sense, we have realized there are many things to discuss when a bunch of people meet in the table and the talks tend to show the way to reconnect with economic issues. Global finance, stocks market, gold and oil price, economic warfare, economic policy, global crisis, and energy crisis are some themes that can be discussed by all chatters. We already witnesses economic are one of the sexiest issues, and apparently, it is often talked by most people. We do not understand why economic being so interesting to talk about, but we think that the economic is a subject that absolutely connects more with the lifeline of people.

Newspaper, online paper, and news website are about to feed people with a wide range of articles on economic issues. To mention a few, CNN and Baltimore Sun are two examples of media that often put the list of economic issues on their main webpage. You might be surprised of the fact which shows that terrorism could give more impact on the economic. For instance, economic growth and development in a field of tourism industry will surely be disturbed if there are just three articles on mainstream media written about the bomb that explodes in Bali. So apparently, economic will be connected with the other issues, events, and moments. In short, economic is not a stand-alone term, separated with other issues.

Up until that sense, we might already recognize the centrality of economic. Therefore, when we speak about articles on economic issues, we are surely can find many examples written on mainstream media. In a moment of global crisis, like one which is just happened three years ago, economic has become a sexy commodity that sells like hot cakes.

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