Technology Tips: Cable and Satellite TV Services for Consumers

Today, we’re going to tackle technology changes in the cable and satellite TV industry.

For starters, with the recent proliferation of whole-home DVRs into the consumer pay TV market, companies like DirecTV, Dish Network, and Comcast are changing their pay TV offerings at a faster pace than ever in the 100 year history of television. At this time, it’s difficult to discern who the clear leader is with this new technology, but DTVUSAForum has posted some hands on reviews and information about DirecTV and Dish Network.

These whole-home DVRs allow for the sharing of media across many platforms such as smartphones, tablets, and television sets.

Which whole-home DVR is best? DirecTV’s Genie DVR allows for more recording with 5 onboard tuners, though Dish Network is a close second with its autoskip technology allowing consumers to easily skip through commercials on recorded shows. Both satellite pay TV services offer quality services, but it’s best left up to the consumer on which DVR is best for their needs.

No matter who you chose for your pay TV service, it’s best to do your own research and consider many sources before you make a 2-year commitment.

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