Technology A Driver To Addressing India’s Social Issues

By Pritesh Bagwe

India likes a significantly elevated position in the global stage today, vis–vis the India of 96. Indian metropolitan areas today are not so different at first glance from many global metropolitan areas. However, although a lot of us reside in occasions ruled by mobile phones and also the internet, millions in India go without quick access to fundamentals like water and electricity. The chasm between your haves and also the have-nots have increased.

Author and entrepreneur Parthajeet Sarma states that there’s a silver lining. “We reside in an expedient moment today. We’ve, open to us, the technological tools from the twenty-first century to deal with 1800s issues”. States Parthajeet, while mentioning towards the critical needs of society as 1800s issues. Inside a fast altering world, will mankind be ruled by mobile phones soon or will mankind use technology to create existence altering improvements to create our communities much more equitable? Can technology be employed to address probably the most crying needs within our communities? Find out about this plus much more in Parthajeet”s book “Wise Phones, Dumb People?”

The demos across the nation carrying out a rape on the public bus in Delhi, were less about rape, but much more about the machine Inchutes failure. Political unpredictability appears to become an order during the day. The lure of large money appears to possess urged a poor mixture of politics and policy. Faster changes to our policy are needed across many industries to allow level playing fields for businessmen and traders. Changes to our policy and subsequent implementation are needed to create people feel safe within their communities.

Business houses have learnt using their yet othersInch mistakes based on presumptions concerning the India we all know now. There’s an increasing realization the “Wallstreet” approach of trading, according to fancy excel spreadsheets, might not work nicely in India. “Moving forward, we will need to look much deeper in to the inside asia, and refresh the economy there in the grassroots, to be able to possess a sustainable economy”. Adds Parthajeet.

Designed in a breezy style, Parthajeet develops the large picture by narrating tales concerning the modern fruits of technology and just how these are used by leadership groups to mix business with social causes. Regardless of the underlying gravitas, it is really an easy read for anybody thinking about innovation, entrepreneurship, social issues and also the current challenges like excessive corruption that face us today.

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