Social Media Influence on SEO

With no doubt you should have heard about the necessity of social media for the businesses in contemporary society. Moreover, social media in fact are most likely to already be a part of your online marketing strategy. But sometimes people choose to have a separate SEO strategy in place. So what is the secret of achieving something more? This article will explain you how the integration of SEO and Social Media can leverage the potential for both.

Content is Like Elvis Presley

Based on ICM Consulting reviews it was found out that everyone wants to achieve great content, because distribution of good content in the era of blogs and social networks is much easier than ever before.

So imagine that you have a great, entertaining and informative piece of content and you have optimized it perfectly, so what to do next? The hardest thing is to make people read it, so to make it read follow the following steps:

  • Your content has to include social sharing buttons.
  • Link all your social accounts through posts.
  • Encourage discussion and interaction for bloggers in social media posts.
  • Remember: quality must be over quantity.

Quality over quantity?

Imagine that you create ten good ideas for your blog posts but it appears that none of them really works. Why? Because quantity is not quality! Only one single brilliant idea every month worth all those ten good ideas, because if it is really brilliant you would be able to turn it into a real campaign, then re-purpose the content, and then it will shared across a multitude of various networks. Can you see the difference now?

And do not be afraid, you can do this with only one piece of content.

If you create you content to be interesting and interlinked, then you can always achieve a great dialogue and active discussions around the interesting topic – and by that means gain backlinks. For sure, so far Google does not recognize quality content jus as humans can, but it can always recognize popular (!) content.

The Rankings

Google has such a search algorithm which takes over 200 various factors into consideration when it determines which results it will show for a search query, which ones not and in what order to place them.

People from ICM Consulting Company claim that social media already have a significant impact on the Google algorithm, which means the following: those results which have higher number of likes and shares, +1s and re-tweets get higher positions in the organic search. Such signals, in their turn, can always be achieved through hard and intensive social media efforts. So, the better the performance in social media you create the greater your SEO results will be.

So you already understand that there is some influence of social media on ranking, but how big is it? This issue is heatedly discussed amongst SEOs, and a lot of them eye this data very sceptically. Nonetheless, even if likes and other social signals in general so far do not have that huge influence on ranks, it is really very likely and highly probable to achieve more since search engines started to incorporate social context into the algorithms.

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