Roadmap Of Lto Tape Technology Extends To Eighth Generation Lto-8

Public organizations, E-companies, government departments, financial organizations and SMBs are coming up with mountain tops of information. The way forward for these organizations is dependent around the integrity & accessibility to these details. LTO ultrium tape products are actually probably the most intelligent and economical solution for that modern data wealthy programs.

Market research report was released by IDC (Worldwide Data Corporation) in 2008 using the title The Various and Overflowing Digital World. Based on the findings of the report, through the year 2011, the level of digital information is likely to increase by 10 occasions it had been in the year 2006. IDC may be the mobile phone industry’s leading market investigator and analyst, which is an expert in consumer technology, telecommunications and knowledge technology. Such enormous data volume will need greater capacity storage mediums that may assure faster backup and archival with greater integrity.

LTO consortium carefully concentrates on the present and future demands of their clients and backup industry. IBM, Quantum and Hewlett packard are people of LTO consortium. Therefore to be able to better serve the requirements of its clients, LTO consortium has made the decision to help extend the roadmap of LTO tape decades. This is actually very good news for that customers of LTO technology and individuals who are intending to adopt the leading LTO tape items.

Roadmap of LTO results in the eighth generation having a obvious vision for future storage demands. Two new decades including LTO-7 and LTO-8 happen to be brought to the roadmap of LTO roadmap. The native capacity offering of LTO-8 and LTO-7 is going to be 12.8 TB and 6.4 TB correspondingly.

Data compression ratio of those new LTO tape decades continues to be enhanced from 2:one to two.5:1. Based on this rate, the LTO-8 ultrium cartridge holds 32 TB compressed data and LTO-7 ultrium tape with 16 TB. They are really massive storage capabilities that will the organizations to handle avalanche of enormous data volumes.

To date LTO consortium has launched five LTO decades. High end LTO tape technology effectively addresses the price control objectives and enables you to definitely accommodate huge data volumes within lesser space. Couple of of the greatest selling LTO tubes happen to be the following:

The new sony LTO 5 tape


The new sony LTO-1 ultrium tape


Hewlett packard LTO 1 tape


The new sony LTO-2 tape


TDK LTO2 tape


Maxell LTO3 tape


Fuji LTO-3 tape


Hewlett packard LTO-3 tape


Dell LTO 4 tapes

341-4647, 341-4640

The new sony LTO4 tape


Quantum LTO5 ultrium tape


With every new LTO generation, the information transfer speed is predicted to boost by 50%. The native transfer rate of LTO-7 tape will achieve 315 Megabytes/s and LTO-8 tape as much as 472 Megabytes/s. LTO is really a effective and performance tape storage technology, which effectively addresses the information protection demands in server conditions, SMBs, workgroups, data centers, remote offices and demanding storage programs.

Highly reliable LTO tape items secure your opportunities and supply more beneficial features including multi-funnel support, media interoperability, longer helpful existence, unmatched reliability, low energy consumption, seamless migration path, data compression, and exceptional compatibility, media partitioning and superior scalability.

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