Non Surgical Fat Removal Treatments

Nowadays, a substantial number of men and women encounter great difficulty not only in shedding weight but particularly in eliminating the excess flab around the waist and the abdominal area or the unattractive love handles, loose arms and hips etc. Luckily, the launch and evolution of non-invasive fat-removal techniques is an exceptional solution for removing that stubborn fat not only comfortably but with remarkable safety too.

Non-invasive fat-removal techniques are ideal for those people who have failed to burn fat through the conventional dieting and exercising methods and they are not considered as good candidates for the standard liposuction methods. Their main benefit is that they can target especially at one or more problematic areas; this is achieved by the use of laser pads which are placed on specific fat areas and start braking down that fat, causing it to ultimately be easily removed. The notable precision of the laser also guarantees that surrounding structures like skin, blood vessels and peripheral nerves will not be harmed. Additionally, these techniques cause minimal to no pain (as they require no incisions) while only local anesthesia is needed for these procedures to be performed. There are also some other techniques that utilize Radio Frequency in order to melt fat!

What Areas Can be Treated?

Non-invasive fat-removal techniques can be performed with great accuracy on relatively large or smaller body areas, including the abdominal, back and waist area and also arms, thighs, buttocks, calves or chin, effectively melting the accumulated fat and delivering a smooth and tightened skin. Moreover, these treatments can be performed on almost every skin type.

Side Effects

Owing to their innovative, non-invasive technology, these methods bring about minor or no side effects. Therefore, bruising, infection, bleeding, swelling or burns from the heat, if they appear, soon fade away, resulting to a brief and trouble-free recovery time.

Two of the most popular and effective non-invasive fat-removal techniques are i Lipo (utilizing laser) and Lipo Ex (utilizing Radio Frequency), which have already managed to consummate this method and deliver impressive accomplishments. To heavily support this allegation, you can just make an on-line research and find out that the vast majority of users’ reviews are highly encouraging!

All in all, non-invasive fat-removal techniques can deliver superior flab elimination and skin contouring without necessitating the severe drawbacks and compromises of the traditional liposuction methods.

Source: LipoAdvisor

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