Modern Assistive Technology for Visual Impairment

If you pay a small attention, you will know that there are some smart kids around us live with visual impairment. Some of them were born that way and some of the other gained visual impairment during an accident or as a bad effect of illness. They are actually smart kids who like to study. For that reason, it is important to give assistive technology for visual impairment in order to make them able to study like their friends.

Modern Digital Technology for Blind People

Actually there are some good inventions already created to help and give them. Some samples of assistive technology for visual impairment are screen magnifications, portable notetakers, and digital book readers. Screen magnification is software which can be used by people with visual impairments to access information on computer screens.

Specially Designed For Visual Impairment

This software runs simultaneously with computer operating system and application. It has flexibility to magnify full screen and allow for inverted colors and enhanced pointer viewing. The vendor is Freedom Scientific, Inc. the other invention is portable notetakers. This often mentioned on educational technology research and development articles.

It provides speech output without a visual display and can be connected to printers and PC for printing and uploading text. It has Braille keyboards and refreshable Braille displays for Braille users. The vendor is Freedom Scientific, Inc. for people who have visual impairment but like to read, you can choose digital book readers. This is specially designed for blind people.

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