Manufacturers Use Technology to Help Weather the Economic Downturn.

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Too frequently producers will implement technology for financial confirming reasons but overlook efficiencies that may generate income and lower costs around the manufacturing floor. Accurate information that gives an entrepreneur or manager the opportunity to make immediate choices about his/her operation producing a boost to profitability is vital throughout a fiscal recession. If revenue is lower and also the market mood doesn’t permit cost increases, then profitability are only able to be recognized by reduction of costs. Which means you must request yourself “What prevents me from 100% efficiency?”

Concentrate on “Faster and Inch. Every resource, machine, oral appliance person you’ve should be accountable and cycle more rapidly. An air travel cannot survive when planes aren’t in mid-air creating revenue. Your company cannot survive unless of course you realize where your assets are and just how they may be used effectively. Imagine having the ability to view where your equipment and tools are in any time to ensure that you are able to intend to transfer them to another job. How important it is to locate unique resource when it’s needed on another active job, staying away from any down-time? Let’s say you understood exactly the number of hrs were allocated to each part of the set up process where the bottlenecks were? These situations yet others cause faster costs and reduced productivity.

Have a Positive Approach. Under normal conditions an entrepreneurOrsupervisor will review financial (accounting) information, overhead and direct operating margin in the finish of the month or quarter. However these arent “normal” conditions. “Companies must plan their future and never try looking in the rearview mirror!” mentioned Bill Allen of W.A. Allen Talking to. “Rather than flying blind (until a workorder is finished) it is time to function from the plan. Know very well what prevents you against 100% efficiency.”

Buy-in Happens in the Top-Lower. Begin by creating a culture that obliges occasions to adapt for your plan. Something that deviates in the plan’s an chance for cost-savings and efficiencies. Have you got a lot of time reduction in non-direct labor areas (idle or down-time)? By evaluating what interrupts the workflow every day, you’ll uncover areas by using improvement will give you an elevated main point here. It can be the organization to create a conscious decision to handle from the

plan instead of respond to conditions, and also to hold all employees responsible for following a plan. This transition is going to be simpler when the

technology tools currently available are adopted.

What technology can offer the most reward? Evaluate your procedures to find out where your technology money is best spent.

Reduced Down-time. Are you able to reduce and sometimes minimize time spent searching for machines, tools along with other assets or plan maintenance and calibration to prevent machine down-time?A monitoring system using barcode can have where your assets are at that time they’re needed who required them last or which job these were examined to. A built-in maintenance scheduler will flag needed maintenance because it is due and assure OSHA compliance.

Organization shrinkage unacceptable? Proper charge of tools and inventory prevents costs that derive from hoarding, irresponsibility or completely thievery. It can be the organization management to report that shrinkage is unacceptable and also to hold employees responsible for deficits which are under what they can control. This insurance policy is offered “teeth” when you are able effectively track your assets and inventories using technology.

Are you able to identify bottlenecks within the production process something which slows lower productivity? While you might not be familiar with the bottlenecks being produced, this really is most likely the best variable. What exactly are your capabilities for output and what’s the perfect load of individuals, machines and tools to satisfy 100% capacity? How can you

route the job to avoid idle or down-time? An automated system that tracks labor hrs to some specificfunction inside the set up process

and quickly can help prevent these pricey issues by determining individuals points where workflow will get interrupted.

Does your employees spend useless minutes (or hrs) by hand recording transactions? Manpower which goes into manual recording and recordkeeping does absolutely nothing to increase revenue or control costs. Technology can offer the integrated systems treatments for resource use, capacity, maintenance, location and get it done 24 x 7.

You do not have to become among the “large men” to pay for technology. Today, systems are for sale to an acceptable cost that will help avoid most of the costs consumed by issues in procedures and could be bought as stand-alone systems centered on one part of the business. The choice how to start is dependent on which areas you discover are losing as much as possible.

Some time and Attendance: A Period and Attendance software program will explain who’s working when on which project for how lengthy, and convey reviews for payroll. It may be established to instantly take into account start and finish occasions, breaks, lunch, etc. to lessen time the employees spend recording their time, and barcode checking helps make the input easily.

Job Costing: The Task Costing software adds the opportunity to track inventory costs as well as the labor hrs consumed from the specific job as the job is happening.

Operate in Process (WIP): WIP software programs are a subset of Job Costing, and tracks a particular work order with the production process. It’ll inform your scheduler and production manager happens of every work order within the production process at any time.

Inventory Control: A Listing Control software program will take into account your stock parts and let you know when you really need to reorder. It may problem parts to some work order or job and ensure the correct products happen to be

drawn. It’ll keep an eye on finished goods inventories and report replenishment needs. Barcoded inventory causes it to be fast and simple to consider a listing count.

Barcode: Barcode technologies have been positively employed for over two decades in manufacturing, distribution and retail to trace inventory and jobs. The barcode devices act like Smartphones, and supply immediate and accurate information. You will find barcode labels created for harsh conditions which are durable enough to resist the grime, grease and rough use that lots of conditions experience and labels that may be printed on the laser printer. Bar code scanners may be easily put into work orders by means of a laser “font”, permitting parts, jobs, etc. to become barcoded around the work order.

Making the task of the employees simpler by guaranteeing they have what they desire to do in their best reduces stress. Showing them that you’re taking

steps to improve the profitability will give you them more confidence in the organization.

“Ourability to readily locate critical tools, monitor routine maintenance agendas, and track damaged equipment has saved numerous labor hrs and decreased the frustration degree of our shop employees. By supplying our employees a competent way of acquiring, maintaining, and monitoring equipment and tools, the CheckMate Tool Monitoring System has effectively assisted lower our operating costs,” confirmed Thomas Hortman, Project Manager for AAI Services Corp., a Division of Textron Systems.

While technology wont cure the recession producers are facing, automated processes that improve income and loan companies informed, showing the business “has its own act together” will go a lengthy means by convincing loan companies their risk is low. Contact Take advantage of Freeman @robf@dsisales or 800-342-3999 X 208 to go over your manufacturing processes.

Take advantage of Freeman

Dynamic Systems Corporation.

15331 NE 90th Street

Redmond, WA 98052

800-342-3999 world wide

Dynamic Systems, is really a Redmond, Washington software developer concentrating in barcode data collection for producers. The merchandise title is known as CheckMate.

The CheckMate Suite combines WIP Lite, Job Costing, Some time and Attendance, Stockroom Inventory Control, Toolroom Tool Monitoring and Capital Resource Monitoring programs.

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