LiveLOOKs Screen Sharing Technology

What’s Screen Discussing?

Screen discussing is usually understood because the technologically-empowered capability to transmit the items in your pc screen to a number of remotely connected Internet customers.

Quite simply screen discussing enables you to definitely show Ms powerpoint presentations, Word documents, images and then any other software running on your pc while remotely connected customers see in tangible-time a specific item in your screen.

Typically screen discussing continues to be lengthy known to as application discussing, to define more particularly the power not just in show specific programs with other connected participants however the combined ability of screen discussing with handheld remote control.

So as the terms “application discussing” and “screen discussing” mean two various things they’re progressively utilized in interchangeable ways as new tools an internet-based services integrated both of them, and firms would rather use terminologies which make more immediate sense towards the consumer.

Screen-discussing generally requires abundant levels of bandwidth and it is therefore best used when all participants take presctiption an extremely fast web connection.

Key advantages in making use of screen discussing tools to provide materials to other people are usually the simplicity and immediacy this approach provides. However, screen discussing key restrictions are the requirement for a great Web connection to attain effective results.

Screen discussing also doesn’t fare well against Web-touring/Co-browsing and Ms powerpoint devoted delivery tools. These generally provides better display and gratifaction while using the less bandwidth.

The normal options that come with Screen Discussing

Screen discussing is indicated by the opportunity to real-time share the items in your pc screen with a number of remotely Internet-connected customers.

Key features that characterize popular screen discussing services and tools include:

1. Share only specific programs

This is actually the capability to choose merely a specific application or document to become distributed to others, stopping participants from seeing many other materials or info they ought to avoid seeing.

2. Share specific region of screen

A couple of rare tools permit choosing specific region from the screen to be the sole prepared to be distributed to other session participants.

3. Change presenter (allow the participants to exhibit her screen)

Altering the presenter enables the host to elect the session participants to become becoming presenters instantly and for that reason become instantly in a position to share their very own screens with other people.

4. Max Quantity of synchronised participants

The amount of maximum concurrent participants that may attend a screen discussing session.

5. Handheld remote control – Give/share mouse and keyboard control

Handheld remote control is the opportunity to hands out/share your mouse and keyboard controls with a number of other customers.

6. Host could be on any platform (Pc, Mac, Linux)

The presenter can initiate a screen discussing from the computer type individually from the operating-system he/she uses.

7. Combines text chat

Text chat facility integration.

8. Combines live annotation

Integration of live markup and visual annotation tools.

9. Integrated support for Voice over internet protocol

Offers the ability for voice communication throughout the screen discussing session.

10. Integrated support for teleconferencing

Offers the ability for telephone-based voice communication throughout the screen discussing session.

11. Recording

A visible recording facility is integrated.

12. No download or installation

No software or plug ins are needed to gain access to the screen discussing functionality.

13. Live cursor

The presenter cursor is sent live to another participants permitting it to do something as a good real-time visual pointer.

14. Public Hyperlink to join

Enables for that discussing of the public URL that other participants can certainly use to become listed on your meeting.


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