Learning about the Ecosystem of Coral Reefs

Studying about ecosystem of coral reefs is very worth to try if you want to know more about what kind of ecosystem is this. Many people are willing to learn about coral reef because it has unique and beautiful shape. However, the ecosystem of coral reef has been decreasing nowadays because some people hunt this coral reef for their personal purpose.

Protect the ecosystem of coral reef

They sell coral reef to other people who are willing to give them a lot of money. Unfortunately, some of the hunter use bomb and poison to hunt this ecosystem yet they do not feel guilty for causing this damage. That is the cruelest things that the people have done for the ecosystem of coral reefs. They should not do such thing. In fact, they have to protect the ecosystem of coral reef since the number of coral reef is not a lot.

Undeniable, the beauty of coral reef can make people want to hunt it passionately. There are so many colors of coral reefs that you can find for example; blue, red, yellow, green and many more. This coral reef actually play important role in ocean biogeochemical cycle since they are very useful to support the life of all ecosystems in the water, such as fish, squid, and many more. Therefore, people should not hunt them.

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