Knowing the History of Endometriosis

The endometriosis commonly is known as one type of infertility that experienced mostly by females. Any females experienced the endometriosis at the reproductive ages commonly feel that it’s a painful disease. Endometriosis can be experienced by females at the age between 16 to 45 years old or any females who still experience the regular menstruation. The exact cause of endometriosis is believed to remain unknown as it can also be resulted from the smoking habits to genetic reason. Some scientists believe that it can be resulted from the retrograde menstruation or the menstruation blood that flows back to the uterus that reach the fallopian tubes, pelvic and abdominal cavity. However the causes of retrograde menstruation itself remain unknown as well.

Brief History of Endometriosis the Ancient Civilizations

Some other experts also believe that the endometriosis can also caused by birth defects, environmental issues and others however the scientific cause of endometriosis itself still unknown. The endometriosis seems to be a unique and can be said as one of the most mysterious disease considering the history of endometriosis has been existed in all human history. Long before the disease is called as endometriosis the anatomic dissections and autopsies were performed by the ancient Egyptians before the time of Christ. Such dissections and anatomic studies then were banned during the Middle Age due to religious and ethical reasons.

The History of Endometriosis at Modern World

The term Endometriosis was first introduced on the book of Disputatio Inaguralis Medica de Ulceribus Ulceri written by the German physician, Daniel Schoen in 1690. The same symptoms were also recorder by Scottish physician and publish in 1774. The surgical treatment for endometriosis were first performed somewhere at 1900’s when the anesthetic technology and method was considered to be sufficient to maintain the safety of the patients. The first hormone therapy to treat endometriosis was introduced in the middle of 1900’s but still after many years until today there are no exact causes or accurate solutions to treat the endometriosis effectively.

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