Japan TI Released DLP Technology to Enhance Color Performance Results-TI, Video, Lighting

Lately released an increase ” DLP (Digital Light Processing) “projector Color Display the brand new technology?? “Brilliant Color technology.” Features 6 colors are for sale to offer the biggest color display, effectively growing the scope of color performance. The organization intends to fourth quarter of 2005 to begin production while using technology of DLP items.

The brand new technology first through enhanced signal processing, the semi-tone (Halftone) brightness elevated to at least one.5 occasions formerly. Image signal processing through the signal level and also the relationship between brightness improvement in the previous non-linear linear, which effectively enhanced halftone brightness. Thus, even when the performance elevated color range to make sure sufficient brightness.

Through the previous red-colored (R), eco-friendly (G), blue (B) 3 primary colors in line with the additional yellow (Y), green (M) and blue (C) 3 colors from the color wheel (Color Wheel ), effectively growing the scope of color performance. Based on the type and volume of extra color, the part of the proportion from the color wheel the various selection of color performance and brightness changes are adopted. For instance, the greater the amount of additional colors, the higher selection of color performance, while brightness also more compact. Color wheel design conditions through the projector producers because the user is free of charge to create, so “this new technology the projector producers to make use of various ways Inch (the business’s DLP business minister Peter Van Kessel).

Increase the amount of color wheel likewise helps suppress the colour “color chaos (Color Breakup)”, to resolve the issues DLP single plate. It is because everybody within the monochrome display from the time period rate reduction, and enhance the frame rate could possibly get exactly the same effect. Additionally, using the DLP Brilliant Color technology, the present cost “is not determined” (Peter Van Kessel), however, “The performance from the technology in growing the scope of color, whilst not growing costs, on the other hand, because of enhanced driver integration with ASIC cost Competition Energy is greater “(Peter Van Kessel).

Next Brought May also increase the amount of colors Equipment producers may use fraxel treatments development multi-primary color projector simpler. Multi-primary color projector, the South Korean Samsung Electronics and also the Netherlands Philips Along with other information mill doing development. For instance, Samsung continues to be in the earlier trial the R, G, B3 in line with the color yellow and eco-friendly color added models of DLP projectors. The prototype 5-color color wheel to make use of Samsung’s own image right into a signal processing formula. However, BrilliantColor technology utilizes a color wheel to make use of using the multi-primary color image signal processing with ASIC, so don’t have experience of fraxel treatments suppliers may also be wide gamut of projector development.

Regarding expand the scope from the projector color performance from the method, additionally to the rise in the amount of colors outdoors the colour wheel, using Brought (Brought) to light the way in which are increasing. For instance, Germany OSRAM Opto Semiconductor Information mill developing as Rear Projection Source of light utilized in Brought. In connection with this, Japan TI stated: “Brought lights are likely to substantially boost the performance from the projector, we’re quite worried about fraxel treatments Inch

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