IPhone 4: A Craze and All

Never has the metaphor “From the ashes rises a Phoenix” been personified better than the example of Apple Inc. Driven to the point of near extinction from the computer industry by its competitors, Apple has had an unbelievable resurgence under the able leadership of Late Steve Jobs and has continually amazed with the world audience with its line of devices, and friends, the iPhone 4 are nothing short of amazing.

Cast in a stylish rectangular frame with rounded edges, the iPhone 4 comes in two standard colors, black and white, thought Apple enthusiasts all over will be sure to dress them up in vibrant casings. It features a 4” TFT screen with an LED display having a display resolution of 640×960 pixels with 16M colors.

The iPhone 4 craze that surrounds this phone is because of the fresh, simple and incredibly smoother iOS4 interface, which makes operating this phone something like child’s play. For sure, this device is so simple; infants would know how to make a call on this device even before they know how to say “Hello”! With cumulative updates available for other devices as well, the iOS4 is a big step forward in terms of user interface for the people.

The other eye catching feature in the latest iPhone is the new camera. After a huge outcry over the absence of a front camera and a flash, Apple has reinvented its phone design to sneak in a powerful and smart 5 megapixel camera with a single LED flash next to the aperture, backed by a brilliant image processing software to provide camera clarity like no other phone in the market, to get crystal clear shots of your favorite subjects.

Rest assured the iPhone 4 craze that is around is not without reason. The addition of a front camera means that now users can use Skype and other video calling clients to make video calls through their phones. Video recording too is amazing with a capability to shoot 720p resolution videos at 29 fps giving users a superior video experience. Armed with this arsenal, the iPhone 4 is surely the complete package for all your multimedia requirements.

The new iPhone also offers a more central integration with social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to allow free sharing and easy access and posting on these websites. Among many other modifications, Apple has also improved its famed music player to provide for a more holistic and rich music experience, offering support for all major audio and video file format. The famed iPod earphones, famous for their bass-belting loudness and quality come bundled with the phone, along with the 30 pin charger cable in a small compact box.

Battery life on the iPhone is just as reliable as its predecessors, if not better. Initial user statistics show that the battery shows up to 10-15% increased lifetime, assuring you that even if you have 20% of charge left, it will last you till you can plug it in, once again living up to the iPhone 4 craze.All in all, when you mash together a powerful processor, a rich bright display tied to an amazing camera, a ridiculously simple OS and incredibly powerful battery, you get the iPhone 4, the best Smartphone out there!


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