Interrogative Games to Train Making the Interrogative Sentences

There are so many things students learn at schools. They don’t only learn about various kinds of disciplines but they are also being taught to shape their communication skills as well which is very important to build better social relationship in the community or groups. Of course it’s not easy to shape the communication skills of the students especially if they’re too young. This is the reason why most schools use the friendly methods to teach and train their students on how to perform appropriate communication with others. The schools commonly use the games to teach and train the students considering that it’s more convenient and fun for the students so they can understand and follow the given instructions.

Playing the Role Games

The sixth grade students commonly are given the interrogative games to train their communication skills. There are many types of interrogative games that commonly taught to these students such as the role games. The role games are the simplest methods which definitely is fun since the students are given the chance to play their own roles. This game takes two students as the players where one is the interrogator and the other one as the declaratory. One student can play the part as the policeman or a TV reporter and the other one can be the suspect or the celebrity who is interviewed. The interrogator can ask the declaratory using the interrogative sentences and the declaratory replies with the declarative sentences.

Playing the Quiz Games

Another interrogative game also includes quiz where the teacher ask the students using the interrogative sentences and the students must reply with the declarative sentences or statements and then do it on the opposite way. These students aren’t allowed to answer using the question sentences but they should think hard to find the statement as the answer to the quiz.

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