Innovative Wheelchair Technology – The Ibot Mobility System

The iBOT 4000 Mobility Product is a technological question. Although it works exactly the same fundamental functions being an regular motorized wheel chair, additionally, it has a lot more to provide. The iBOT is really a energy motorized wheel chair produced by Dean Kamen and offered through Independence Technology, that is possessed by Manley & Manley. In The Year 2006, it retailed for approximately $26,000. At the begining of 2009, all sales from the iBOT Mobility System ended, although support for existing models continues before the finish of 2013.

This energy motorized wheel chair is driven with a sophisticated system that mixes sensors, software, gyroscopes and computer systems in to the iBOT Mobility System. The iBALANCE, a unique software program, receives data from sensors and gyroscopes and enables the iBOT to keep its balance and stability. It may climb curbs and keep the chair level. The motorized wheel chair can energy across uneven ground, sand, gravel and tall grass. It is ideal for traveling on city pathways in addition to character trails.

The iBOT Mobility System motorized wheel chair can ascend stairs and curbs. A distinctive balance position enables the passenger to become elevated as much as eye-level to have an eye-to-eye conversation in order to achieve as much as shelves and cabinets. An iBOT is designed and adjusted towards the user’s center of gravity to keep balance constantly. Whenever you move, the iBOT moves along with you. A failsafe mechanism composed of redundant backup systems guarantees safety in most its operating modes.

The iBOT combines functionality with comfort. The automotive-style chair can be adjusted to supply posture support and maximum comfort. The user interface could be located in either arm, also it can swing away for convenience. A lighting system includes blinkers and directional signals for additional safety. It is also locked-to prevent usage by unauthorized persons.

The energy supply for that iBOT 4000 Mobility System motorized wheel chair is supplied by two 67.2 volt batteries. It may be driven 12-15 miles between charges. The iBOT, however, isn’t for everybody. Allowable passenger weight is 75 pounds. to 250 pounds. A doctor’s prescription is required to purchase the unit, as needed through the Food and drug administration. Upon receiving the iBOT, the consumer must undergo an organized training course.

Even though the iBOT Mobility Product is charged like a stair-climbing motorized wheel chair, the motorized wheel chair user requires a handrail and sufficient torso strength to climb stairs. Otherwise, a helper will need to help.

Since sales from the iBOT happen to be stopped, current customers won’t have the ability to obtain a alternative when their iBOT goes away. Certification will go back to Dean Kamen, and individuals who wish to come with an iBOT Mobility System motorized wheel chair later on are wishing that it’ll become available again.

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