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This report is a vital source for comprehensive data relevant towards the Indian health care IT equipment market. The goal of the study would be to measure the Indian marketplace for healthcare IT solutions covering a whole spectrum of items HIS, PACS, RIS. The report will offer you an in-depth insight to Health care IT software and repair solutions provider with market chance, usage practices across hospitals, competitive landscape, need-gaps, future trends and key success factors within the Indian market.

The study can help health care service companies to enhance patient care while reducing costs, comprehending the current issues faced by hospitals and provide a number one-edge to understand the critical success factors on the market

Key good reasons to buy this report

To judge and compare the appeal of the Health care IT market in India

Identify growth segments and possibilities in the market.

Evaluate the competition from the market and identify ‘hang-outs’.

Develop methods in line with the latest research

Identify and evaluate the talents and weak points of the profession incumbents.

This report is really a single source to satisfy all your business and competitor intelligence needs offering a powerful understanding of the profession whatsoever India level.


During the last couple of decades technological advances inside it have enabled the greater gathering, processing, management and distribution of information. Anybody acquainted with the health care industry can testify that it’s hooked within an overwhelming amount of paper documents that contains patient information that frequently doesn’t get published around the patient’s chart. Regrettably, this fact adds to misdiagnosis and unnecessary costs for health care.

The health care industry in the united states, which comprises hospital and allied industries, is forecasted to develop 23 percent per year to the touch US$ 77 billion by 2013 in the current believed size US$ 38 billion (FY09)

The development within the sector could be driven by health care facilities, both public and private sector, medical diagnostic and pathlabs and also the health care insurance sector

Health care sector is anticipated to develop in a compound annual rate of growth (CAGR) of 15 percent for the following fifteen years to achieve US$310 by 2023

The requirement for wider implementation of health care IT in India continues to be identified by industry participants, industry experts, by the federal government. The forex market seems to be the brink of dramatic growth.

Based on the report findings, the important thing Demand Motorists of Health care IT in India are:

Interest in superior healthcare driven by growing middle-class population and greater disposable earnings

Growing accountability of health care service companies

Development in insurance transmission

Medical tourism

Corporatisation of health care

Growing competition resulting in improvements



Useful services Health inspections, joining up with franchisees etc

Research Objective

The study objectives are pointed out the following:

To estimate total marketplace for health care IT solutions

To determine linkages onto it stays to size and segment of hospitals

To evaluate the marketplace chance by software, hardware, implementation service, support & maintenance costs

To know the usage practices across hospitals

Hospital segmentation and size

To evaluate current awareness and usage amounts of POI over the health care industry

To evaluate the usage levels based on quantity of beds

To know current issues and problems faced by hospitals

Need gap analysis, regulating scenario

To know key motorists across various kinds of hospitals

Supplier mapping

To map the game of 5 best Providers

To evaluate growth rates of health care industry

To evaluate the likely future marketplace for health care IT solutions

Key success factors

Research methodology

The main data collection methodology with this report involved interviews with industry and government agency personnel, hospital personnel, doctors and industry experts and industry associations. Additionally to those primary data sources, secondary sources were utilised mainly to supplement and validate the finding from primary interviews. All data collected were examined to find out specific findings making predictions.

Separate check-lists for everybody category is going to be employed for information collection.

An example well over 100 interviews across India since the major metropolitan areas was carried out for that preferred research outcome. Multiple participants were met within the organization to acquire a complete view in order to make sure the research objectives are met.

Thinking about the highly fragmented character from the customers, physical spread and heterogeneity in purchase and usage practices, market size estimation would be carried out by through supply side.

Stakeholders for that report and also the study (Audience)

Health care IT solution Service Companies

Health care Consultants

Health care Industry Associations

Health care Institutes

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