Importance of Software Testing Process Improvement

Software testing is one important process to provide quality software. To provide better software every time, you need to provide software testing process improvement as well. There are many examples of bad condition and situation because of bad software execution. For the first time, software runs application well. In the next opportunity, software application shows the weakness on the operation and makes the customers disappointed.

Why Software Testing is needed

Software testing process improvement is needed to avoid bad operation condition. Software testing needs patience because you need to ensure everyone, including the creator and customer if the software will run good in many conditions. Somehow, people will underestimate testing process and pretend the software will run well in any condition. This is very dangerous.

Alternative to Improve Software Testing Process

To provide software testing process improvement, you need to hire more QA specialist from outside your company. Usually they will have objective view and will work without pressure. Do business training and involve them in the development process earlier. Invite them when business analysts are creating documents needed.

This process will allows QA professionals to develop test scripts from the beginning to find some mistakes. This is educational technology research and development info. With this option, you can find some mistakes or wrong things and able to fix it up before you give it to your customers.

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