Electrical Conductive Glue to Replace Solder

Electrical technology has been developed so well lately. There are many simple and useful inventions we can use to provide better life. Nowadays, people start using electrical conductive glue to replace solder. If you have no solder at home and you need to repair wires of your electric stuffs, you can use electrical conductive glue as an alternative.

No More Solder with Wire Glue

But for your information, electrical conductive glue can be not just a common alternative. This glue is a miracle because it acts like glue but in the same time it also works like a wire. It is so awesome. The secret is the element of the electrical conductive glue. This amazing glue contains carbon.

Amazing Carbon as Vital Element

Carbon is one favorite and interesting element which often mentioned on educational technology research and development articles. Carbon can makes all known life possible. It can make diamond and you need carbon to make a pencil. Carbon is needed in many ways.

Now people are using micro carbon for electrical conductive glue. With technology development, micro carbon has been used as an element in the glue. The advantages we can get are it can make the wire stick together and also conducts electricity. Wire glue is available in electricity material shops and the price is very cheap.

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