Earth’s Water Resources in the World

Nowadays, earth’s water resources is the most discussed issues in the scientist. Water resources are the prominent thing that human being has to deal with. Nowadays, we know that water usually becomes the rare thing in the world. The low level of water with clean condition is becoming the problem in the world. The clean water distribution is rarely occurred right now. 1, 4 billion km3 is the current volume of water in the world right now. Yet, the volume of the clean water is less than that number all the way. This information is published by United Nations Environment Program.

The earth’s water resources are needed for human being, animal, and plant in order to keep alive. It is also announced that almost 29% of the world’s clean and fresh water is being saved in the underground of the water level. It is actually available in order to keep the livelihood for human being in the world. In order to save the clean water, all people have to understand in saving the using of water. The water saving is also located in Arctic and Antarctic as well. This information is launched by United Nations in order to make people aware about their environments.

The earth’s water resources are rare in some parts of this world continent. They lack on having the fresh water and the pure one. In Africa, some parts of the states are having the problem on water scarcity that leads around 4000 people dies due to the lack of clean water. It should be our concerned so that the problem of clean water scarcity will not be happened in the future. If we do not care about the problem of clean water, it will be such a difficult problem for the human being, animal, and plant in the next future.

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