Definition of Medicinal Chemistry

It is true that some people should have been familiar with a phrase called medicinal chemistry. However, it is also true if they do not have the capability to define that phrase. So what is medicinal chemistry anyway? At first, medicinal chemistry is a phrase that defines through a way like this: it is the combination of terms that in essence has used the combination of sciences to develop and produce pharmaceutical drugs. The drugs are surely will provide a stock that utilizes by hospitals and/or chemist. So the main achievement of medicinal chemistry is about to be recognized from the whole process of developing relatively new pharmaceutical drugs.

Again, that explanation would have been too abstract, so at least we must ask again, what is medicinal chemistry? Well, to put in clearer way, it is a discipline, one which tries to harmonize intersection of pharmacology and synthetic organic chemistry and more biological specialties. The whole process of medicinal chemistry was about to present gift for pharmacy, shaped through production line of drugs and other medicinal products. However, the whole process of medicinal chemistry might take a long time to be finished. We might imagine the whole process by create a line which extend from research on organic molecule until it reveal a result shaped in a form of drugs. However, the whole process will not be stopped at that point since the drugs should be licensed so it can be used for patients.

We think that those explanations are enough, so when you ask again, what is medicinal chemistry? Then, you might imagine the whole way to get a licensed drug, and surely, there is long way to get that license. However, the essence of medicinal chemistry is indiscipline that has the intention combines various fields in order to reach a goal: producing pharmaceutical drugs to be sold for patients.

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