Common Definition of Biodiversity Hotspot

Most people are not familiar with a concept like biodiversity hotspot. The word “hotspot” itself might refer to different events, but mostly it will be connected to the matters of environment. So a question arises: what is biodiversity hotspot? Well, generally it refers to a region, a biodiversity region, which is becoming a reservoir that will keep threaten species away from human. So basically, it is reservoir region built with the intention to conserve endemic species. This is a phrase, which was firstly generated by Norman Myers. There are few conditions to fulfill, especially when people want to put a specified region into a container where it can be called as Biodiversity. Let us find out more about them.

At first, that region should contain at least 1,500 endemic species or vascular plants. And, at least, it should have been lost in about 70 percent of its vegetation. Many organizations work for sustaining the preservation of biodiversity hotspot. Some name like CEPF, EBAs, the World Wildlife Fund, and National Geographic are several examples of organization that works in a mean of preservation of biodiversity hotspot. Again, what is biodiversity hotspot anyway? Well, as you can see, there are at least 25 areas that have been qualified, while 9 others are prepared to be qualified. About 60 % of birds, world’s plant, mammals, and reptiles are live in those 25 areas as endemics species.

So when you are being asked by a question: what is Biodiversity hotspot? You must understand the term as one that refers to areas which is preserved with the intention to save the life of endemic species. All species on that region are threatened by human. This is why they need to be conserved. The biodiversity hotspot already available in several continents, including Central Asia, Europe, Africa, South Asia, East Asia, Asia Pacific, South America, and Central America.

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