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Using the creation of Ipad, many people started to see e-books by iPad. It’s reported that you will find 50 plusPercent of Japan’s iPad customers enjoy reading through e-books.Ipad’s color LCD display screen abilities and also the speed of screen reaction is super than E-ink screen. However, people i can say that that E-ink screen e-book readers isn’t the only option. Considering this, Taiwan Energy Company is promoting a C-paper technology. Fraxel treatments-driven from the foot of the LCD screen for enhancing technology to really make it show more comfotable for eyes, also enhancing contrast and brightness curve, which makes it more appropriate for reading through ebooks. It’s accomplished exactly the same degree of the E-ink screen for lengthy reading through time.C-paper technology ought to be regarded as like a type of technology to optimize the screen’s backlight.


E-ink and C-paper

According to C-Paper and E-ink screen technologies have exactly the same eye protection function, as the performance colored and screen response speed beyond the second. In energy consumption, battery existence has arrived at a lot more than 50% of E-ink, as much as 12 hrs continuous reading through time, pages 3500 or even more, fully meet the requirements of daily use.

The benefits of C-paper technology colored display, visual effects, lengthy reading through time, screen response speed are gone E-ink. Additionally, eye protection function can be compared with E-ink.

The variations between C-Paper screen and E-ink screen is the energy consumption.Flying energy of C-paper screen is 1 / 2 of E-ink’s.And visual effects in vibrant light for E-ink is nice. But people spend forget about time reading through underneath the glare such as the sunlight. If they would like to read in dark, C-paper screen e-book readers is the greatest choice,while E-ink screen e-book readers unsuccessful. Regarding the thickness of screen, C-paper’s is thicker than E-ink’s because its back light module whithin.

Fundamental essentials comparison of C-paper screen and E-ink screen that we are able to uncover that,even though the weakness of C-Paper screen is energy consumptive,additionally, it features a lot of advantages over E-ink screen.

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